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Tremco is a global leader in construction sealants and adhesives.


Tremflex 834

Tremflex 834 is a one part siliconized acrylic sealant formulated to give the right balance of hardness and flexibility with excellent UV resistance. Uncured material can be cleaned up with water.

Tremflex-834.jpgSuitable for:

  • masonry wall joints and soffits,
  • precast concrete panel joints,
  • cladding joints/connections,
  • timber joints,
  • steel joints and
  • bathroom and kitchen sealant.


Tremflex 25

Tremflex 25 is a construction grade one part polyurethane based elastomeric sealant and adhesive. Excellent adhesion and elastomeric properties and moisture curing. Excellent UV stability + 25% flexibility.

Tremflex_25.jpgSuitable for:

  • masonry joints,
  • perimeter sealing of windows,
  • use with polyurethane membranes,
  • precast and tilt panel expansion joints,
  • sealing of sheet metal and building cladding and
  • general sealing of construction joints.


Dymonic FC

Dymonic FC is a fast cure, low modulus, one component moisture cure polyurethane hybrid sealant. Formulated with proprietary silane end capped polymer technology. Dymonic provides the best performance characteristics of polyurethane and silicon sealants.

Dymonic_FC.jpgSuitable for:

  • structural expansion and control joints,
  • precast concrete panel joints,
  • perimeter caulking,
  • aluminium, masonry and vinyl siding.



Fyrethane.jpgFyrethane is a one component acrylic fire rated sealant which forms after curing a permanently flexible and durable weatherproof and fire rated seal.

Suitable for:

  • concrete precast panels,
  • hollow concrete block walls,
  • lightweight concrete floors and walls,
  • solid normal weight concrete floor and walls and
  • for penetrations through wall and floors for copper and single and multiple PVC insulation.


Tremstop PU

Tremstop PU is a high performance fire rated, low  modulus, one component moisture curing  polyurethane sealant.

Tremstop_PU.jpgSuitable for:

  • joints between masonry and concrete,
  • precast concrete joints,
  • between dry wall and masonry and
  • copper pipe and concrete.